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Ad Outpost (Pty) Ltd, and its group of companies, have been assisting South African, Mozambican and Namibian businesses to build their brands by providing them with prime billboard advertising locations in the Out-of-Home space. Ad Outpost is a Level 2 BBBEE rated company and embraces transformation throughout its holdings and business dealings. Toka Outdoor forms part of this transformation as our Enterprise Development partner.

We house our own production facility for small format billboards which enables us to provide a huge cost saving to our clients.

Ad Outpost (Pty) Ltd are the sole media owner servicing the entire Waterfall Estate, the vast expanse of which may well make it the largest such property development in South African history. The opening of the Mall of Africa (central to Waterfall Estate) in 2016, brought with it exciting opportunities for all potential advertisers.

The head-turning, awe-inspiring capabilities of our outdoor billboards will captivate you like no other medium can. We never compromise on the location of our billboards. In fact, our strategically located sites are virtually unrivalled. Our cutting edge innovation and creativity gives you more than just outdoor advertising. All this combined, provides you with a powerhouse medium that will resonate with your audience and foster engagement. We’d love to hear from you.

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Hi-Ya Outdoor and Ad Outpost’s team of creative thought leaders are dedicated to pioneering new solutions in the Out-of-Home industry and optimising the results that this medium can deliver for your brand. We'd love to hear from you.

CEO - Dinesh Diar

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