Graphic Design

Let us help you communicate, inform, entertain and persuade your potential clients with clever creatives. Our Graphic Designers specialise in Out of Home creatives and are available to assist you in creating spectacular messages. 

We will take you from Concept to Creation.

Imagination Lab™

The Imagination Lab ™ is an internal creative engine that has only one mission to create amazing stuff! Stuff that matters, stuff that will get you thinking and ultimately stuff that will get you to engage. So how do we do this? Simple! We see ourselves as storytellers that have the luck of working on giant and awesome storyboards. We take art, culture, science, philosophy, humour and strategy and we create amazing stories! Yes that’s what we do, we tell your story.

Outdoor 101

1 + 1 = 3

Out-of-Home (OOH) provides the ultimate creative stage. It’s big, bold and everyone will see it. Technology makes us stronger and inspires creatives to think outside the box, using a variety of OOH formats as their canvas.

  1. < = > Less is more
  2. Simplicity is key
  3. Bold, Legible Typeface
  4. Present one strong idea
  5. Focus on clear message
  6. Short and straight to the point
  7. Use no more than 15 words in total
  8. Clear Brand Identification
  1. Call to action
  2. Strong Colour and Contrast
  3. Large and Bold Illustrations
  4. Use humour, wit and intrigue, be different
  5. Create Innovative Builds and cut-outs
  6. Interact with technology
  7. Have fun and be creative

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