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Small Format Billboards

Pavelites are double sided outdoor advertising structures that are located either at a shopping centre or on a sidewalk. Pavelites are positioned in strategic locations to create maximum exposure to your target audience. With this high impact, cost effective outdoor advertising structure your budget will allow for repetition in many strategic locations, be it close to point of sale or outside your potential client’s favourite coffee shop.

Our SSN’s can be found on all major intersections and are perfect for directional signage. All street name structures are double sided and positioned at high volume intersections across Waterfall, they are cost effective and are perfect for directional signage and area branding.

Mini Posters are sold in sets of four consecutive posters located on Allendale Road and in and around the Mall of Africa.

These cost-effective posters are great for creating impact by repetition or to advertise a variety of products or tell a story.

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